New Forest and Southampton Children's University Goes Berserk

Go Berserk and Southampton Children's University have partnered up to get you making your own webpages!

Go Berserk Activities

  1. Read the Children's University Go Berserk booklet here.
    You'll learn how to make your own web page.

  2. Follow the Activity Instructions below.

  3. Print out a copy of your webpage.

  4. Download a stamp for your passport here. Cut it out and glue it into your passport.

    Go Berserk Children's University Stamp > Childrens University Go Berserk Stamp

    Keep the copy of your web page to show your teacher when they next check your passport.

  5. Email a picture or the web page address of your completed website to your local Children's University Manager.
    For example if you are a member of the New Forest or Southampton Children's University email

    You can find a list of Children's Universities here.

    Go Berserk will also put the best websites on the gallery page on the Go Berserk site.


You can use these Go Berserk resources to learn HTML and websites:

Children's University booklet

Free Children's University e-book

Activity Instructions

Go-Berserk's Children's University Website Challenge - Level 1

Now you know how to create a web-page, the New Forest and Southampton Children's University™ is challenging you to start creating a website about all the brilliant clubs and activities that you do that are either part of Children's University, or that you would like to be in the future.

Spend 1 hour on this activity

For level 1 of your challenge you just need to list clubs and activities you do outside of school and write a bit about what you do there and the things you learn and enjoy doing.

For each of the clubs or activities write how to get in touch with them.

Create a list like this:

When you have finished your webpage, save it.

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