1. Basic Tags

  • how to make your writing go backwards
  • see all the names of colours for your pages
  • how to make writing appear when you hover the mouse over something
  • how to set writing in from the margin
  • how to make writing go up (superscript) and down (subscript)
  • how to put a line through writing
  • how to make writing bigger and smaller
  • how to put all the lines and spaces in the code onto the page

2. Moving Things

  • how to move writing and pictures across the page

3. Tables

  • how to add a heading to a table
  • how to colour column headings
  • how to colour table columns

4. Meta Tags

  • how to add who wrote a page
  • how to add when a page was last changed
  • how to redirect a webpage to another page

5. Forms

  • how to create a form to allow visitors to email you

6. Weird HTML

  • a fun way to understand HTML tags

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